Hand Pocket Stainless Steel Chainsaw – 2pcs/4pcs Set




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What Makes a Powerful Nature Survivor

Feel so hard to survive in the nature? The Hand Pocket Stainless Steel Chainsawis what you need for outdoor camping.Cutting some wood for a fire, making a shelter, clearing up the trail… you can have all tasks cleared during your adventure by using the chainsaw.

While designed for campers and survivalists, homeowners canclear out rugged brush and vines with the chainsaw. It cuts quickly through the wood, plastic, rubber, bone and softer kind of metals.


  • Compact and lightweight: made from a premium quality material, compact, and lightweight, this is a great tool for survival in the field
  • Razor sharp teeth: saw wood, plastic, bones, rubber, and soft metals such as aircraft aluminium
  • Easy to use:metallic handles with 360-degree rotational bands
  • Durable and strong: adopt 3strands of interwoven stainless steel wires

  • To use, just pull the saw with your hands, and rub back and forth in the object
  • Able to use with wooden bow
  • Guaranteed safe for hands
  • Perfect for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities
  • Use vegetable oil for maintenance


  • Material: German Stainless Steel
  • Saw Length: Approximately 55cm (19.7 inches)
  • Overall Length: Approximately 70cm (27.6 inches)

Package Includes:

  • 2/ 4pcs Hand Pocket Stainless Steel Chainsaw


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