Non-Stick BBQ Mesh Grilling Bag




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Grill Like A Pro!

Make your life easier when grilling with the Non-Stick Mesh Grill Bag!This ideal grilling buddyhas a non-stick coating that makes cleanup a breeze and sturdy snap closures to keep the food inside securely contained so you can flip and turn it with ease.

The Non-Stick Mesh Grill Bagfeatures a durable, mesh design that allows your barbecue masterpiece to fully absorb flavors.No need to skewer small food items or wrap it in foil like you normally do ¨C just place them inside the bag, snap it shut, and you¡¯re ready to grill.


  • HEAT-RESISTANT: This reusable mesh bag can withstand up to 600¡ãF (316¡ãC)
  • NON-STICK: It has a non-stick coating to ensure easy removal of even the most delicate food after grilling
  • CONVENIENT: Having smaller food items bundled in a single bag makes it easy to turn all the food with just a single flip
  • GRILL LIKE A PRO: It allows smoke from the flames to flow right into the food, so your charcoal can impart a smoky flavor onto whatever you¡¯re cooking

  • NO MESS: The snap button closures keep all the food is tightly locked up inside, with no risk of any item falling out
  • EASY CLEANUP: This ensures minimal scraping during clean up after your backyard cookout is over
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE: You can simply throw it in with the rest of the dishes for cleaning
  • PRACTICAL: More economical than other options like wooden skewers and Aluminum foil since you don¡¯t have to keep buying new ones every time there¡¯s a barbecue at home


  • Material: Food-safe PTFE mesh with non-stick coating
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 24cm x 14cm (small) , 27cm x 22cm (Large)

Package Include:

  • 1 x Non-Stick Mesh Grill Bag; or
  • 2 xNon-Stick Mesh Grill Bag (Large) and 1 xNon-Stick Mesh Grill Bag (small)


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