Rattan Styled Trash Can With Self-Replacing Garbage Bag Storage




Easily ReplaceTrash Bags
Better Convenience
and Hygiene!
Change your trash bag with ease!
Simply pull out another bag from thestorage
  • SELF-REPLACING: Built-in garbage bag box, Making it easy to replace a bag whenever needed.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY: Make from thick, high-quality plastic, which makes the trash can sturdy, lightweight and rust-proof.

  • CIRCLE RETAINER DESIGN:Always keeps garbage bag in place.

  • EASY TO INSTALL: It takes only 4 steps to complete in 2 minutes.
  1. Open Built-In garbage bag box.
  2. Place plastic bag in the box.
  3. Pull out the plastic bag from the trash can.
  4. Place the circle retainer to secure the plastic bag.

  • CONVENIENT & ERGONOMIC: Unique environmental design makes it look neat and clean.


  • Color: pink, green, blue
  • Size: 25 * 21 * 15 cm/in
  • Material: PP
  • Weight: 272 g


  • Size: 45x50cm
  • Qty: 30pcs per roll
  • Material: Extra thick plastic
  • Colors: Yellow, Green, Purple, Black, Orange


  • 1 XRattan Styled Trash Can With Self-Replacing Garbage Bag Storage


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