Rinse-free All-purpose Fabric Foam Cleanser




Washing out the stains on your clothes and carpets can be a major struggle. Still relying on the “life-hacks”?
This is your one-step solution to get rid of stains, odors, and bacterias off any fabric-based surfaces!

  • A Rinse-free Spotless Cleaning Experience!-This revolutionary foaming cleanser gets rid of all the stubborn, age-old stains off all fabric surface! The dense foamingformula is incredibly fast-acting with zero greasiness and stickiness! No more lengthy rinsing! Simply spray, wait, and swipe!
    • A Universal Applicability for all Fabric Surface! –Our All-purpose formula is created perfectly to give all your hats, clothing, shoes, sofa, bags, and even carpets a quick, refreshing and gentle cleansing experience! Clean thoroughly without damaging the delicate fabric!

    • Fast-acting NaturalEnzyme Cleaning Power!- Heavy cleaning power doesn’t have to carry harsh chemicals! Our rinse-free cleaning formula is made with purely natural and harmless enzymes,breaking down any stubborn stains from the rootsand revitalizes the flawlessvibrancyto your clothes!
    • Odor-free Disinfectant Power!– 90% of odors arecaused bygerms and bacterias! Our effective foaming cleaning formula is able to kill 99.9% of bacterias and germs! Use it to eradicate stains, odors and disinfecting your clothes, shoes and even carpets all at once!
    Product Specification:
    Volume: 150ml
    User manual:
    Package Includes:
    • 1* Rinse-free All-purpose Fabric Foam Cleanser


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